Since 1998, TEDICORE (Telecommunications and Disability Consumer Representation) has been representing the interests of people with disabilities in relation to telecommunications and promoting equity and accessibility by:

  • providing a forum where issues of concern can be discussed
  • raising these concerns with the appropriate bodies
  • representing the views of consumers with disabilities in public debate about telecommunications
  • contributing to the development of government and industry policy through written submissions and other representations
  • focusing the attention of consumer bodies, government and industry on emerging developments in telecommunications that may affect consumers with disabilities.

TEDICORE is administered by the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations and supported by the Australian Government through the Grants to Fund Telecommunications Consumer Representations program of the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

Colour photo of Gunela Astbrink, Policy Advisor for TEDICORE

Gunela Astbrink is TEDICORE’s national coordinator, and has nearly 20 years experience working with information technology and telecommunications issues relating to disability. She has worked in Australia and overseas, in community-based and government organisations as well as in academic institutions. She is currently the Australian member of COST 219 ter, a European Commission action project on telecommunications and disability. She has been a director of the Internet Society of Australia since 2000.

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